Development process of the laser display technology
  • In1964,Dr. Nicolai Gennediyevich (Nobel Prize winners in physics), researched on stimulated emission of radiation in the microwave and optical regions of the spectrum.
  • In2005,laser display became a key technology and was listed in National Medium and Long-Term Program for Development. Laser display technology was rated as “The advanced technology in the world, the leading features in the world” by the Ministry of Information Industry.
  • In2007,Appotronics developed ALPD®technique, which is the advanced laser fluorescence display technology. Chinese enterprise mastered all intellectual propertiesof the core display technology, opening a new chapter of the laser display technology.
  • In2008,various display technology was applied to laser. But it was unable to develop mass production because of high cost and reliability. ALPD®technique stood out and was regarded as the most mature technology of the fourth display technology in the industry.
  • In2013,ALPD®became the available technology used to develop mass production.
  • In2013,ALPD®products won the CES “Product of the Future”.
  • In2014,domestic frontline electric appliance brands, such as Hisense, Changhong, joined in ALPD group.
  • In2014,ALPD®theater level products got into IMAX laser cinema of Happy Ocean in Shenzhen.
  • In2015,ALPD®theater level products were applied in the first laser studio city worldwide – Beijing Qianxi Street Zhongying International Cinema.